Game Freezes For No Apparent Reason

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  1. So no clue why, the game was running fine when I bought it, but around a few days later it started randomly freezing and then never unfreezing, resulting in me having to constantly restart the game over and over again, this happens with no mods and with mods, my drivers are up to date, I have an Nvidia GTX 980 for the record if that's useful information, I've tried multiple things but I'm at a loss.

    I get no crash logs since the game technically never "crashes" it just freezes and never closes, the sound continues but that's it, and looking through other people's posts about a similar issue, I've noticed a running theme of them having Nvidia GPU's, I've messed around with the Nvidia control panel as well with no results, disabling things like threaded optimization, I've also tried using third party softwares to free up RAM because that usually fixed the crashes I had in SRTT, but again nothing.

    I've done a lot more but with no real way of understanding what causes the game to freeze, I don't have a real way of fixing it.

    If someone has had a similar experience or just knows this type of issue and how to fix it, it'd be nice to hear some thoughts on it.
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  2. I know this thread is old but I'm having same issue and can't play the damn game. Tried tons of solutions all around web but nothing worked so far. A friend said he couldn't played Steam version like me because of these random freezes but he said he tried & played with cracked game flawlessly LOL that's really not encouraging... IDK what to do now.
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  4. Hey there, thanks for your help. Added that beta build but didn't installed because;

    After spending so many time to fix it somehow I got successful. I was about to give up (unfortunately didn't come back here to check, I didn't expect getting help so quick at that hour ^_^) but decided to give a shot for one last big try, so, I changed many things at once which are,

    * Set processor affinity in task manager to use CPU2, CPu3, CPu4 and CPU5 and discarded others (I believe this is the main solution. I got the idea from a steam community topic but it says use CPU1 + CPU3 and lower graphics settings in game because two cpu will not be enough for ultra. I didn't want to lower settings so I set 4 processor since game is not that old.)

    * Added game into RivaTuner to set its max framerate to 60 (Since my monitor is 144 hz I couldn't use vsync to achieve that. earlier I used this method to fix SR2 cinematics glitch. I don't think this is the solution, on the contrary this caused screen tearing. Next time I'll try again without using RivaTuner.)

    * Disabled in-game steam overlay. (I don't think this is the solution. I think this and below method only helps to fix the micro-stutters, not full freezes. Also both of these didn't work alone before doing above changes, however they extended playable duration before freeze, so I decided to keep them.)
    * Blocked SaintsRowIV.exe in firewall.

    I'm sharing all these details because it can help others in similar situation... Anyway, I played 4 hours continuously and never get a freeze in that time. I just hope it continues working. But if otherwise, I'll definitely check that beta. Thanks again!
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