From cracked to original one [Save files problem]

Discussion in 'Get Help/Troubleshooting' started by Jack Lemon, Jun 30, 2014.

  1. Hi, i'm having a problem, when i try to move my old game files (from the SKIDROW version of the game) to the original game it doesn't seem to work,
    It won't display them.

    CRACKED SAVE FILES PATH (C:\Users\Jack Lemon\AppData\Local\SKIDROW\203160)
    (i actually installed sr4 on my other hdd "E:\" i don't know if this is a problem)

    NON-CRACKED SAVE FILES PATH (C:\ProgramData\Steam\RLD!\206420\local)

    I can't find the .sr3s_pc files,
    I only have 3 files in the cracked folder:

    and i already copy,pasted and overwrited this files over the steam version.
  2. Corrodias

    Corrodias Generally Awesome Staff Member

    On the off chance that you're serious and have actually tried using two different cracked versions, there's no RLD! folder. It's
    That may be in the ProgramData folder depending on your file permissions; I don't have Steam installed under Program Files so I don't know.

    The files inside are named like so:
    sr3def_profile (This stores your settings.)
    savedir.sr3d_pc (This is an index of the folder; without it, no saves will appear in the game.)
    sr3save_##.sr3s_pc (These are the saves, where ## is a 2-digit number, starting with 00 which is usually the autosave. I don't know the limit.)

    If you don't have these files, I think you're going to have to start over, but you can TRY renaming them appropriately first.
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  3. You're lying about having bought it from steam because that "RLD!" is a dead giveaway on that supposedly "non cracked save path".

    Saints Row IV Game of The Century Edition is currently on the steam summer sale for only $2.04 <3
    I highly recommend everyone to purchase it as it's worth it and on top of that, you'll be able to enjoy Co-op :)
  4. Admixon

    Admixon Administrator Staff Member

    This thread is 4 years old. Maybe he already bought the game.
  5. anonytomy

    anonytomy Pirate

    Can anyone help me? I got Saints Row 4 - Game of the century Edition (Qanoob pack) torrent downloaded cracked and I want to get the Dubstep gun but I can't because it's really hard so how can I do this? I have no Steam folder, no %appdata% local folder, and 90% no document and settings folder.
  6. anonytomy

    anonytomy Pirate

    I just want to play with the Dubstep gun blaster in Saints Row 4 Game of the century Edition 100% savegamed.
  7. Piracy isn't allowed here.
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