FREE Ventrilo voice server for the SR Modding Community

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Voltarox, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. Hello, I have a Ventrilo voice server that I am renting from gameservers that can accommodate 35 people.
    Ventrilo is a Voice Communications program that enables us to "talk" to each other for FREE over the internet.
    ( I am paying gameservers on a monthly basis for this server, but you may use it for FREE )

    I am offering the use of my Ventrilo voice server for FREE to this SR modding community
    so that we can "talk" about SaintsRow modding, gameplay, texture editing, modding questions,
    modding help, modding ideas, SR coop or anything else about SaintsRow.
    *NOTE* This Ventrilo voice server is offered by me for all you SaintsRowMods members for FREE
    and is not anything official or sanctioned by

    I have already set up a SaintsRow modding channel in my Ventrilo server so that anyone
    that would like to use it for talking about SR or for Coop team play communications or anything may feel free to do so.

    All you need to have to talk is a microphone.
    If you do not have a microphone,
    then you can use any headphones with a plug that will fit into your microphone jack.
    Just plug the headphones into the microphone jack on your soundcard ( usually it's the pink colored one )
    and then you talk into one of the headphone speakers ( usually the left ear headphone speaker ).
    ( this is what I did before I bought a microphone and it looked kinda funny and my wife would laugh at me and
    say "go buy a microphone already you cheapo, it's less than $10 at Radio Shack" lol )

    You can download Ventrilo for FREE ----- ( download the client version )
    After you have it downloaded and installed, there are some set up steps so you can get connected.
    Here is a step by step guide to help you get set up and connected.


    We hope to "hear" from you all soon.

    If you want a FREE user account for my Ventrilo server, send me a PM message as to what you want your ventrilo password to be or if you want your own channel for playing coop with a friend.
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  2. Update;
    I have a new ventrilo server and the new info has been updated in the above post.;)
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