Freckle Bitch's Gang Style Mod

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  1. Welcome to my Freckle Bitch's Gang Style Mod!

    These girls pack a punch! They are all Freckle Bitches in the 3rd Street Saints! Replaces the Sporty gang customization option found in the Saints Hideout Crib.

    To install:
    Extract to your "_PUT_YOUR_OWN_PERSONAL_MODS_HERE" folder then rebuild patch and enjoy the mod!

    SR2_pc 2019-04-10 14-37-29-72.png SR2_pc 2019-04-10 14-37-38-76.png

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  2. Edit:
    This mod will not be included in my next version of my texture pack because it's not in the original game but you can download and enjoy it as a simple mod.
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  3. Thank You for bringing back my SR2 passion back. ಥ‿ಥ
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  4. i know this isn't necessarily the right thread, and somewhat unrelated, but i have been trying to figure out how to do a similar mod, swapping out one group of NPCs for another. to be more accurate, a "female enemies" mod for the game. have have been able to do it very easily for saints row 3, 4 and Gat out of hell. mainly all i needed to do was swap the "character" part of the character.xtbl file to swap models and voices. with saints row 2, i think i understand how to ACTIVATE a mod (as you said in your posts here, place a custom mod in the specific folder of "gentlemen of the row"), but i can't figure out how to get the mod functional. to be clear, what i did was take the file for different NPCs and change the Variants that spawn in, such as only female cops should spawn if there is a female variant. as for those who have seperate male and female files, such as the different stilwater gangs, my method was replace the other related files such as the ones used in your mod with the data of the female npc's file. i patched it to gentlemen of the row as you suggest for installing your mod, but the game has only been crashing while regular gentlemen of the row (mods that already come as part of it) works pretty well. any idea on what files i should be using or what i need to edit? seems like it should be something relatively easy, mainly just needing to know what i need to put in it.

    for example, i swap the male brotherhood soldier and lieutenant data in the variant file as well as the "_cha" (the kind in your mod), "_des", and "_pre" files with the data from the female version, so the only difference between the two versions is the name only. and if the NPC file has a mix of male and female, i deleted all the male variants hoping they would spawn as female. still not sure what i am doing right or wrong. any suggestions?
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  5. That will turn out to be a daunting task, not going to be an overnight success. There are more NPCs in the game than you realize. How did I do this Mod then? Here's an example of the file before it was changed by me. NOTE: You'll have to change the Height too, unless you want a tall npc


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  6. thanks for the advice. might be the solution i need to get it to work. showing me what you changed certainly helps narrow it down to what i did wrong. currently, all i did for the gender-seperate CHA files (like what is in your file) was literally copy and paste EVERYTHING from the female version to the male version, so the only difference between them was the file name. so what i think i might need to do is just change the in-file name back to the original, as you suggest not to have changed it in the first place.
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  7. Are you really going to make an all female enemies mod for SR2? Good luck!
  8. if i can figure it out, i will. making one for saints row 3,4 and gat out of hell worked out perfectly so i am hoping to do it for SR2. would be a shame if it was the only PC release i had of the franchise that i couldn't mod to my personal preference for enemies. i have also done the same type of mod for three elder scrolls games (morrowind, oblivion and skyrim) and three fallout games (3, 4 and New Vegas), as well as several other different types of PC games.
  9. Really? You gotta be joking me, you really done the mod that's known as Skyfem on the Nexus?
  10. no, that mod isn't me. i just haven't uploaded any of my mods to the internet yet since they are still in constant tweaking in case i find something i want to change.
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