For anyone on the fence about Saints Row 3...

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by james bowers, Jun 6, 2019.

  1. I hope this won't get downvoted to hell so that more people see this.

    I've put in about 6 hrs into this game. I read all the horror stories about lag, graphics, bugs, and was convinced this game was basically unplayable. Well, drunk me decided last night that if i could still put in 150hrs into the dark souls port despite the issues with that game, then this shouldnt be that bad. You know what? It isn't that bad.

    The game feels like there was supposed to be a day one patch but someone f'ed up and it didnt come out yet. Some sound effects cut out occasionally (only one instance of the voice not being there and one or two of machine guns kinda stuttering and not being continuous). 6hrs and only 3 instances, and when it did happen it really didnt bother me that much. You could say it takes away from the immersion, but i dont play games like this to be immersed. I play dark souls or warframe to be immersed. Its hard to feel like ur not playing a game when ur a naked blue man running around with a shotgun that shoots sharks.

    The graphics range from damn good to eehhh. There are moments when im driving around and thinking "damn, this old ass game is actually quite pretty", and there are moments when you can see the AA struggling and visual artifacts going nuts. Again, something that does bother some but not all. The framerate dips down sometimes, and this can bother people who are sensitive to that (a friend of mine starts to get sick when framerate stutters under 25fps so i get it), but for me growing up with shitty pc's and old consoles, i hardly ever notice it.

    The biggest issue for me so far is the input lag. At this point i have gotten used to it, and i do remember this being a thing in older saints row games, but it is more noticeable here. Having said that, 6hrs in and i only notice it when im in a suped up sports car. I think the devs said this should be fixed in the patch tomorrow. Again, something that usually day one patches fix.

    I have had the infinite menu thing happen twice and thats about it. Even then, the switch is a beast and can get you back into the game in seconds.

    Outside of these issues, i have had soo much fun with this game. I never finished it when it came out back in the day, and i forgot how stupidly fun these games were when they were less superhero and more gta antics. The story is rediculous and yet smart and well written; you start to care about these characters despite how rediculous they are. The voice acting is suprisingly very good too. This game is also overflowing with fun content. Soo many sidequests, extra missions, customization options, full co-op, and more weapons than you'll know what to do with.

    Ive seen soo many posts about how bad this port is. Its definitely not great. However, just as with the dark souls port, the game itself is soo well done that i am able to look past these issues and still enjoy my time. Yes, we should be hitting the devs with reports on the issues. Yes, these things shouldve either been fixed out patched out on day one. However, i do feel the need to put these issues down on here in a much less anger-fueled rant and reach out to those of you who have never played this game and want to, but are saying no bc of all the angry posts. This port has issues, and it's bad, but a very far cry from making the game unplayable (need i bring up the WWE port?). At the very least, get the game tomorrow when the patch is out. This game is way too fun to be tossed away bc of these issues, and i for one am super happy.
  2. I'm glad someone here can post a well thought out review to a community of people who genuinely care. I would say if possible, try the game on pc or even console to compare, (and also the other saints row games if you can / care)
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