Flying Vehicle Formula

For: Sr3, Sr3 remastered, Sr4 & Gooh

Turn any vehicle into an "Airplane"
1) You need a vehicle XTBL file
2) Edit with Notepad
Edit: Category and Group (for airplanes)
3) Delete everything after:

4) Copy and Paste Formula after display name
5) Save and exit.
6) Drag and drop the XTBL file in your main directory

Make sure you have the vehicle in your garage


Other Edits
Increase vehicle Health increase here:

Remove weapon Flag ( allow homies to fire)

Delete all of this:
<Flag>Rear Driver Side</Flag>
<Flag>Rear Passenger Side</Flag>
<Flag>Extra 1</Flag>
<Flag>Extra 2</Flag>
<Flag>Extra 3</Flag>
<Flag>Extra 4</Flag>
<Flag>Front Passenger Side</Flag>

Change to correct vehicle name:

Change engine sound here:

Accelerate faster (take off faster)

Reverse Faster

Change Driving Animation
If you want the car driving animation change to this


Torque = Speed



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