Fly under the mainland, visit cutscene interiors 1.0v

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  1. The mod moves the saucer that is from Gentlemen of the Row's , Rounds Square Shopping Center to the Pyramid , from there you can just fly up into the dark void and fly under the map.

    If the saucer doesn't appear then just reenter the area a few times using the blue warp, spinning camera 360 may also help
    Install using Gentlemen of the Row:

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  2. Well this mod just blew my mind. I've actually been working on a hidden interiors mod for a week or so now... However mine covers a few more interiors you didn't list or show and are solid, I have teleporters for these areas. I will be sure to link to this post when I release my mod, that way people can visit even more interiors when I'm finished. I found some of those interiors in this mod also doing what you are doing now lol flying under the map however I used a gyro copter or whatever it's called, however I always teleported back to the overworld mainland with it, I never even thought to use the ufo. None the less good work!, or if you wouldn't mind could I put a ufo in that location and give you credit? If not I totally understand and will link to your post.
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  3. I only made videos with the locations that i haven't seen anyone else locate, i also made warps/teleporters to the solid ones that i found

    I guess in that case i won't upload my warp mod , and will just let you upload yours. Well if you can link my mod as credit, that would be nice.
    Anyway, since you are now working on the interiors, maybe you can check out the anna show location and the talk show location, its from that pre rendered main menu intro video, the video is pre rendered but cutscenes are still in the files, both of those locations are under the prison island , i managed to get my saucer under there but i cant reach the locations because they are under the water, so i made 2 cutscenes to show the area around.
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  4. I'll see what I can do, if i knew somebody was already working on it I wouldnt of even started lol. I found all solid ones besides the first one in the video lmao. I can find it now. Also my mod comes with 3 mods (its kinda a AIO, extra new cribs, extended radios, extended hidden interiors, all cross compatible), also when all else failes -67 and -58 for X, (Y) Z does wonders when you cant reach something doesnt always work but does sometimes. Also do you know if those 2 areas are solid or ghost? if solid i can possibly make it, however if ghost, idk.
  5. im pretty sure that there ghost, but i might be wrong, i tried placing a warp in them but i always end up warping above the ground , like if there ghost , but it might also be caused by the fact that there literally located under the water, i also tried to fly my saucer into them, to maybe get a peek into some corner of it, but in the end i always end up hitting the water.
  6. So far everything I have tried has failed, so now i'm messing with wave files and modifying the ufo to be indestructible (pretty much alot of hit points, and less mass) and see where that gets me..
  7. Do you have a coordinate I can work with? I've manged to make a lua script that teleports my vehicles under the map. (btw I barely know anything about lua code, i just learned this from studying 2 diff mods coding) and came up with it. (however warp zones can possibly warp vehicles to a location without the ignore vehicle flag, however I havent tested it.

    EDIT: I have flew everywhere underneath the hitman activity icon and everywhere underneath that mansion as far down as I could go, I'm not seeing anything (also without hitting water), you sure this interior just isnt loaded in with a chunk of some sort, if not then it's located below the out of world area , i have gone down as far as the game will let me (also again not hitting water) before i'm teleported back to the surface.
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  8. mm its possible that this interior loads in with the cutscene , like that yacht and brotherhoods weapon ship.
    i have pictures with coordinates , i will send in private letter.
  9. Dane Vogel took some pictures. Also this mod is awesome, so I'm downloading it.:)
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