Fixing Annoying lipstick removal (works while on the ship)

Discussion in 'Guides and Tutorials' started by dragonfly10, May 5, 2019.

  1. This is what I did in my game, it removed all restrictions about mouth customization, then I'm able to use any mask or whatever without removing the lipstick, and the lipstick is also appearing while on the ship. I just searched for Slot>mouth</ then I modified all those lines.

    Replace all:
    Code (Text):

    Code (Text):

    Remove all:
    Code (Text):

    Files modified:
    Code (Text):

    And some mods.

    Some items are DLC, then you should modify it's own dlcN_customization_items.xtbl, and if you use any mod that have the same problem (like me) just modify its customization_items.xtbl too.

    I have not uploaded any files because most of you may have already modified your files then it could mess something since my files are modified and may not be compatible with some mods.
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