Fixed Jewelry Stores

This mod basically adds all the chains, rings, pendant and piercings to all the jewelry stores. But you can find all those chains and rings in their original stores (for example, wallet chain that belongs to "Lets Pretend!"). I pretend to add also the other fingers rings (thumb, little and middle) but at the moment is very complicated, if someone could help me out on that part would be very appreciated.

Sadly couldnt take pics since i got issues on my pc on taking screenshots, when i can fix it i will upload some pics or a video showing it.

How to install: Drop the file "customization_stores.xtbl" in "1-MODDERS_-_PUT_YOUR_OWN_PERSONAL_MODS_HERE". Then just build the patch and done.

-IdolNinja with GOTR
-Rick for gibbed Tools


  • customization_stores.xtbl
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