FBI Agent Clothes

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  1. FBI Agent Clothes

    Hi! Just installed SR3 out of random curiosity and thought I'd share something I was inspired to make by the great tutorials here.

    This is a set of three edited clothes items for SR3 made to look like FBI ones:

    • A basic t-shirt with FBI logos.
    • A classic blue FBI windbreaker-style jacket with collared shirt.
    • Edited Steampunk Fighter pants with FBI badge and holster.
    Both the diffuse and normal textures for each item have been edited to give the most realistic effect possible through just editing textures alone. The steampunk stuff is removed from the pants too and all items are re-colorable :cool:

    Only for female characters just now, but I think it can be easily edited to work with males if requested!


    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]



    Here's some examples of using the different clothes!

    Some hair in the pictures is ported from Saints Row IV by MLVNRT



    Note that you might need to edit the customization_items.xtbl to stop the holster disappearing when certain clothes are worn (like jackets, hoodies, stuff that hangs over the waist)

    The VID for the holster on the pants is 62. Just remove 62 from the Obscured VIDs of the clothing item that hides the holster when worn in customization_items.xtbl to do this.

    More specifically, you would just look for the <Obscured_VIDs> of your item and remove the following: <Obscured_VID><VID>62</VID></Obscured_VID>


    Special thank you to Kaivai for the texturing tutorial that helped me to do this:

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  2. Fantastic pants, I use them for police outfits, but they are not perfect. This mod fixes it!
  3. Yes that sounds about right! I just kinda imagined them being cool without the steampunk thingies painted on them. I sort of wish the badge could be clearer but it's just that it gets stretchy there and editing the actual models doesn't seem to be a thing on SR3 :/
    It's awesome that you like it, thank you! Thought it would be fun to have something like this cause the normal cop outfit is so... weird?!

    If anyone is still playing this game wants a version for guys I can probably do that too, just say!
    Forgot to mention as well that you probably need this really useful mod to get the best colors on everything: https://www.saintsrowmods.com/forum/threads/firespites-mods.499/

    You can edit that mod to get a good gold badge color too, I personally used:

    Code (Text):
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  4. can you make male version? PLEASE
  5. Clothing is unisex in the game
  6. How to make the holster visible for every clothes?
  7. You need to edit the Obscured VIDs like in the first post.
  8. Oooo this is awesome, you should make more cop stuff!
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