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Favorite/interesting ped quotes

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Nano 2, Feb 25, 2017.

  1. What are yours? Here's some I've collected:

    “It's so hot, I think the ink from my tatts is running!” —Brotherhood male (same voice as the first one you encounter in the storyline at Tee'Nay, the one that says “Hey Barry, turn this @^$@ off!/I guess you're not anymore, are you B@$&@?!”)

    “Should my naked lady tatoo have 2 breasts... or 3?” -Another Brotherhood male.

    “(singing) You ain't nothin' but a... (speaking) Thank you, thank you very much! Thank you.” Texan/“Flanders”-voice guy (sounds like him, Southern accent and everything, also will randomly say “Anything you can do to bring back the Freedom Fries?”)

    “F#&% duty, I need to be in a pool with a 6-pack of beer and some honnies!” -SPD male officer

    “That's why I'm Union president, M-Fer!” -Construction Worker, lower, gruff voiced. Also "plainclothes/street clothes" variants.

    “Just kick 'em in the crotch!” -unknown male, possibly the one that might say “You call yourself a drunk? your pants are still on!” (heard while holding an Ultor Security guard as a human shield, came from offscreen) *Rarely Said*

    “Ding!” - Gamer/Geek, said as he kills someone. Heard while I had Pedestrian War active.

    “Don't f%#& with a man who can pull off a barrel roll in a 747” - Pilot (do they appear normally, never seen them at the airport and I hang around there all the time, either there or Rounds Square.
    I had the Airlines gang type activated.

    “I hope that sword works that I got from the home shopping channel” - Ronin male. Possibly referencing this?
  2. "Those damn ants better keep away from my potato salad"- said by Asian female sporty saint
  3. "You just got your ass kicked by a guy in a chicken suit!", "You want fries with that?"
    Chicken Ned - Homie in Saints Row.
    "Oh, he just bought a boat." -Stilwater PD
    "Let's get it on!" -Steelport PD
    "This is the worst hallucination ever!"-Male Samedi Grunt
    "Whoever dies owes me five bucks!" -Male Brotherhood Grunt
    "Uh-oh, someone's about to die!" -Decker Specialist
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  5. Some male NPCs in the Saints Row district says "Babe, this dick ain't gonna suck itself." or "Babe, you got sweet, sweet tits!"
    Downtown a couple sitting on the bench, he called her Martha, she said "My name is Mary, not Martha!)
    University district by the pond. People fishing and some female NPC says she's worried about her kids turning into "flipper babies"
  6. "I ain't getting killed for 10 bucks an hour!“ - Security Guard running away
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  7. ''Stay away, marriage just made me resent and fear women.''

    ''"Hey babe, this dick ain't gonna suck itself."
  8. "I'd love to motorboat those. Brrrrr."