FasterGameLaunch - No Intro


Hello players and modders of SaintsRowIV!
Today, i'm uploading this small & simple mod,
wich makes the game launch faster.

Basicly, it removes the intro before the main menu, when launching the game.
Small, simple, usefull. Start playing faster!

Instructions are packed with the mod,
I hope some of you will like it..

:) If you like my mod, give this thread a ''like''! :)


  • FasterGameLaunch - No Intro.rar
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Ya think it'll work on Gat out of Hell?
Not sure since i dont have it.. but look for the folder ''videos'', in it there shiuld be 2 or 3 files starting with 'logo', they should be the intro videos, just delete them (but make a backup before, to be sure..) but like i said, i dont have Gat Out of Hell so not sure if the directories are the same..
Thanks puss2puss ,very useful.

Wouldn't Steam keep downloading these.
I presume you'd have to stay offline or stop auto updating.
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