Fast Food Wars

One of my fanscripts involved a huge improvement on the fast food businesses in Stilwater. And though it was meant to be part of the "Saints Row: Overwritten" idea, I feel this could potentially be turned into a mod. "Potentially"...

These are the new restaurants and menus available in free roam:
Bottom Tier:
Bucky's Wieners:
Double Dog
Big Dog
Bucky's Wiener

Chunky Cheeze:
Ham & Pineapple
Chunky Cheeze

Cold Fries
Half Eaten Pizza
Bitten Burger

Mid Tier:
Donut Holes
Brown Donut
Belly Jelly Donut

Company Of Gyros:
Grecian Juice
Lil' Gyro
Hot Gyro

Phuc Mi Phuc Yue:
Dong Tea
Strange Egg Roll
Sum Old Guy
Sum Yung Guy

Top Tier:
Charred Hard Burgers:
Charred Fries
Charred Chicken Strips
Extra Charred Burger
The Charred Hard

Freckle Bitch's:
Big Swallow
Freckled Fries
Chicken Bazooms
The Twins
The Fist

Large Soda
Crispy Fries
Crispy Chiken Strips
Chiken Legs
The Chik

These are the new Trafficking Activities available in free roam:
Trafficking Activites:
All the fast food restaurants are at war with each other, and Playa can make some good money protecting the delivery drivers as they make their deliveries. (And yes Greg is Greg from the Hitman list)

Bottom Tier Trafficking:
Bucky's Wieners - Driver: Hot Dog Mascot - Enemy: Chunky Cheeze
Chunky Cheeze - Driver: Carlos - Enemy: Leftovers
Leftovers - Driver: Tobias - Enemy: Bucky's Wieners

Mid Tier Trafficking:
Apollos - Driver: Troy Bradshaw - Enemy: Company Of Gyros
Company Of Gyros - Driver: Greg - Enemy: Phuc Mi Phuc Yue
Phuc Mi Phuc Yue - Driver: Aisha - Enemy: Apollos

Top Tier Trafficking:
Charred Hard Burgers - Driver: Pierce - Enemy: Freckle Bitch's
Freckle Bitch's - Driver: Johnny Gat - Enemy: Lik-A-Chik
Lik-A-Chik - Driver: Shaundi - Enemy: Charred Hard Burgers

And yes I would like to have all the "Non-Homie" Drivers unlocked as Homies after the activities are completed. But I have a feeling that they'd have to replace a few of the default Homies.
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