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Discussion in 'Mods in Progress' started by mrturkleton, Jan 28, 2012.

  1. This is a project that i plan on working on and off with depending on how frustrated i get with it. Basicly this mod will add extra option to customization for vehicles. I'm aiming at getting values like grime, hidden decals(like gang symbols), and weapons selectable. This mod will also allow for editing of colors that normally cant be done. An example is the AB Destroyer. Normally you can only edit the window tint of this vehicle but the body color is in fact changable and i have a screenshot of it. There are still a few things to figure out before i can get close to a release but if worse comes to worse i can always release a text tutorial on how to manually edit the vehicles if i cant get the ingame menus to cooperate right.

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  2. That's a good one. Do post more.
  3. Hell yeah, very great mod!
  4. Here is a better screenshot. :) I got the color selection to show up in the menu. The real question will be how to get the other details to show up. :p I used a thumbnail this time.


    Small Edit: Anyone have a list of every "uncustomizable" vehicle?
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  5. As an A10 addict, I need this mod, hah.
  6. This mod is still a hit or miss thing so far. For some vehicles i can skip stuff because there is nothing to really edit or they are just shit vehicles. For others i get to have fun manually flipping the "buyable" switch. There is still one bug for the colors though that im trying to figure out. For some vehicles, like the Bear, there is only one color slot and that causes it button to do nothing. Despite the color option being there it cant be selected. Basicly its treating it as unedited.

    What i really need to figure out is why helicoptor customization is so screwy.

    Edit: Got the option to show up :D. It's just a matter of trial and error for what will and wont freeze the game. The wheel option freezes for the tank but that isnt a big suprise. Adding the weapon slot is pointless if the vehicle comes with it always but it's a proof of concept and it works.

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  7. OMG ! Very good mod,if you need help i'm here,for the list of uncustomizable :
    -All Morningstar,Decker,Luchador Vehicles,
    -Tanks : Crusader,Challenger,ASP,Bear
    -N-Forcer,Saints Raider
    - Boats

    "I hope this will help "

    One Question : When you going to release it ?
  8. thanks for the list. I think the biggest problem will be figuring out why helicoptors are so screwy when it comes to editing. As for a release date, i dont know. I work on things like this in my spare time and i sometimes get destracted by actually playing the game or a pointless side mod. Right now the biggest thing i need to do is look into the customization options for the gang vehicles, boats, and heavy vehicles. Then i can look into the more popular common vehicles, which will probably only have hidden grime values.
  9. In the 3 count casino we can personalize helis but with a mod,there is probably the response.
    PS : I'm not sure if the vehicles list is complete

  10. The 3 count casino wont let me edit the helis at all just like every other crib. After i select customize i get kicked out of the menu automaticly. I've done some toying around and it has to be one of the assets of the menu that causes it to crash. My guess is that my computer is loading that asset too fast and thus always makes it boot out. The real question is where is that assest.
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