Extended Customization v1.2 - Now with more helis

I'm bumping up the mod to a full v1 for now since the helicopters all have colors working and so should most vehicles that had them broken as well. Let me know if anything is missing or not working correctly.

What this mod does:
  • The Stag N-Forcer you get as a reward now has color change options enabled
  • Bear has been fixed along with other previously broken color changing vehicles
  • Helicoptor Customization!
  • Saints in space vehicles are supported
  • Turret Bulldog has a few extra options
  • Removed the random heli colors since we can customize them
Left to do:
  • Go through more vehicles and varients to add more options.
  • Find any vehicles that i missed when enabling color change.
Customizing Helis:
  • Move file from the heli folder to the root
  • Load the game and go to the boat docks to customize
  • Save and exit once done customizing. You dont want boat helis :p
  • Just move the heli files back into the heli folder
Warning, if you have a loose file for a helicoptor/vtol edit, this mod will overwrite it if you try to do heli customization.

V1.1 changes:
  • Added support for the ultor interceptor for people that got that dlc and the saints vtol for when it releases
  • Fixed a small glitch with the vtol body colors.
V1.2 changes:
  • Taxi Decals have been enabled for editing
  • Police Car decals have been enabled for editing
  • Every n-forcer varient now colorable


  • Extended customization v1.0.rar
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  • Extended customization v1.1.rar
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  • Extended customization v1.2.rar
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[V] IdolNinja

Volition Staff
Ah, thanks so much for putting up a beta. I'm definitely looking forward to checking it out!

Regarding the heli customization, I've been working on that as well if you want to put our heads together online and discuss.


Awesome! suggest you should see if other than removing the weapon, wether you could also CHANGE the weapon. that would be the most awesome thing (like allowing a specter to fire a lazor, the N-forcer to shoot with a cannon enz) .
the main problem i am facing is that half the helis dont allow for color changing like the Bear. That stupid Bear still stumps me as to why it refuses to work. Everything looks to be inplace but something somewhere is wrong. It's got to be something simple that i am overlooking.

Weapons themselves cant be swaped out because they are part of the _vehi.xtbl for that specific vehicle.

:p Another problem is that i keep getting sidetracked by other mods.

Edit: I think i got it work. The dlc ufo also had no option for vehicle color but this latest edit actually worked :D. Time to test on the bear
I love tooling around with the Bears at times.
I hope you do manage to figure it out, sure would be nice to have some absurd Pink and Purple
P Bear wagons I can put in the stall to match the others vehicles there !

Not on the topic of color alterations .. but if someone can figure out
how to get a homey in the front seat to sit and shoot their weapon while a passenger that
would be good, and or a OPTIOn to allow all passengers to fire. OPtional because that
can be a bad idea at times , for nuts like me that is. Sometimes I don't want
my homeys to run amok when driving around because I have a bad habit
of seeing to it that they get equipped with Luchradore multi-tube grenade launchers.

Which can be problematic when it comes to survival whilst in a vehicle. Muhaha.
the bear test just froze the game. let the confusion start again.

Edit: Seems the problem was completely unrelated to the color slot itslef.

Maybe it's some conflict of mine, but at the boat docks it show me helis (along with boat), but don't give me the option to customize helis.
Only mods i have fo vehicles are tank radio and 3 homies in bulldog.

[V] IdolNinja

Volition Staff