Exported Wraith and X-2 Phantom Vehicles

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What Super-vehicle should you select?

  1. Wraith

  2. X-2 Phantom

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Hello, if you want to have Wraith and X-2 Phantom early (before completing Hard Difficulty Cyber Blazing Activity in Ashwood.) in your garage or you completed Hard Difficulty Trailblazing Activity in Ashwood, but you didn't get these rewarded vehicles to your garage? Now there's a solution!

    Let me introduce:


    What you should need:
    1. SR3 Save Editor
    2. Steam Version of SR:TT
    Installation instructions:
    1. Download these two files attached to this thread (wraith_and_x2_phantom_vehicles.zip and SR3 Save Editor C v2.4.7z files)
    2. Unpack the whole archives to your specified unpack destination
    3. Open SR3 Save Editor
    4. Click Load Buttion
    5. Load your save data (SR3 Save Data location is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\YOUR_USER_ID\55230\remote)
    6. Then Click Garage Button
    7. Garage Manager will popup
    8. Click Import Button
    9. Import these exported from garage vehicles (WRAITH.sr3_veh and X-2 PHANTOM.sr3_veh files) which are unpacked to your specified location)
    10. Exit Garage manager
    11. Backup your own saves
    12. Click Save Button and Save your modded save data to your SR3 Save Data location C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\YOUR_USER_ID\55230\remote
    13. Exit Save Editor
    14. Launch The game
    15. Load your save
    16. Access your Crib
    17. Select Garage
    And you should have Wraith and X-2 Phantom in your Garage

    Now you will have Wraith and X-2 Phantom in your Garage

    Enjoy your ride ;-)

    Here are some screenshots:
    20190421181725_1.jpg 20190421181732_1.jpg 20190421181842_1.jpg 20190421182024_1.jpg


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