ExcessiveSR3 (three sexadelic flavours!)

Discussion in 'Other mods' started by Luckz, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. A game with purple dildos can't be silly enough!

    ExcessiveSR3 aims to make your Saints Row The Third experience more over-the-top.
    To achieve this, the level four handguns, the level four molotov, the (DLC) shark gun etc have all been pimped. The .45 pistols are full auto (use them akimbo for yet more mayhem), the molotovs/grenades/flashbangs/farts affect a larger area (molotovs may set the air on fire! it's a feature!) and the shark is not only likelier to cause mass carnage, it also insta-kills targets in vehicles. Having rather murderous satchels can't hurt either, nor can a jollier sonic gun decrease your fun.
    Other changes:
    - Swimming is slightly faster (I bet you care)
    - You can climb slightly higher obstacles
    - The required falling speed for certain (player) death has been increased slightly
    - You find out!

    !! Use with Gentlemen of Steelport !!
    Highly recommended for use with the vehicle customization enabler by Rick/Gibbed ('s silly to play without that! silly in the bad way!)
    I'm also a big fan of Snipe's Unlocked Temporary Weapons Permanently Mod (integrated version below), the Increased FOV mod by Maxwell_Adams and IdolNinja's Sticky Camera Mod and Tank Radio Enabler.

    Base version: Excessive SR3 0.6

    version merged with Snipe's v1.1 (temporary slot weapons go into real slots & are buyable): Excessive SR3 0.6 with Snipe's Unlocked Temporary Weapons Permanently 1.1

    New: modified inventory slots version! brute flamethrower into smg slot & sonic rifle into rifle slot
    Excessive SR3 0.6 with Snipe's Unlocked Temporary Weapons Permanently 1.1 & Slotmod

    Installation: unrar to your Saints Row The Third folder

    2012-01-10 v0.6: incorporated beefed up buster long ago and didn't release it, sorry :(
    2011-12-03 v0.5: slotmod broke lots of coop things, fixed by removing satchel slot mod (thanks to IdolNinja for his time & input); increased flashbang 4 (fart in a jar) and flashbang 3 effects; cleaned up some of both mine and Snipe's work; experimental TurboManCannon in slotmod version
    2011-11-28 v0.4: bug fixes to slotmod (I hope! :D); kobra ("police") handgun
    2011-11-28 v0.3: more fun sonic gun™, slight handgun tweaks; optional slotmod version
    2011-11-27 v0.2: more satchel doom, more handgun lvl4 doom, potentially more RPG lvl4 doom
    2011-11-27 v0.1: initial release

    Excessive SR3 Credits:
    Brocrates, IdolNinja & UsF for testing
    everybody in this thread for ideas/input

    Credits for Snipe's Unlocked Temporary Weapons Permanently Mod:
    inv_slots bug fix by Axel the Inferno
    rest by [NUKE] Snipe

    Beefed Up Buster by Zeromega


    Bonus downloads:
    A XML-ified (read: unfucked) weapons.xtbl:
    Choose between http://luckz.de/upload/tmp/weapons-xmltest1.xtbl and http://luckz.de/upload/tmp/weapons-xmltest2.xtbl (the former was made by a pretty wonky Notepad++ plugin, the latter by a pretty trustworthy Notepad++ plugin)

    Removed useless post-mission character creation. I am largely confident this fixes game issues and does not add further ones.
    Removed the need to shoot the damn windshield. Bonus excessiveness added.
    ExcessiveMission 01 & 02:

    All xtbl and lua files, to spare you unpacking 14gb of things you largely won't need. The vast majority of lua files will still require a) packing into the correct str2_pc (with all the other content there) b) updating the correct asm_pc.

    I've largely given up on:
    - swarm RPGs (usually kills the player & swarm only is offset left/right); hitscan RPGs (not fun)
    - swarm Genki Gun (lol); Genki Gun harpoon (not fun)
    - akimbo shotguns (too dumb for that)
    - armor piercing and incendiary bullets in one (causes crash, maybe if you manage to merge the flags? but flags are game exe logic, right?)
    - satchels in melee slot. having anything with ammo there seems to break things horribly - among other things the coop partner (and possibly oneself) don't see akimbo weapons (handguns, smgs, apocafist) properly & coop partner may experience loss of vehicle weapon functionality. if you're adventurous, please experiment with putting infinite ammo satchels into the melee slot and report back.

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  2. Re: ExcessiveSR3 (v0.1)

    I applaud anyone who wants to make SR3 more over the top! :D

    Quick questions. If I don't have the DLC will this break my game? (I can't get it cause I'm in the UK and THQ don't want to sell it to me. :/)

  3. Re: ExcessiveSR3 (v0.1)

    Naw, it does not give you the DLC items or anything. Can't do that via mod files, either. This is perfectly safe ;P

    P.S. You can buy the shark pack from gamersgate.com / .co.uk
  4. Re: ExcessiveSR3 (v0.2)

    all you do is move this into the cache file right? because mine doesnt seem to be working even though i overwrite it
  5. Re: ExcessiveSR3 (v0.2)

    Put this into
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\saints row the third\ (64bit Windows)
    or C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\saints row the third\ (32bit Windows)

    Not into any subfolder.
  6. Re: ExcessiveSR3 (v0.3 - three flavours!)

    I have a few questions about this mod*which is AMAZING*:

    Can the Shark gun be made to instantly attack peds on the street too?
    Can the double RPG firing mod be disabled?
    Is it possible to re-enable the Flash Bang Grenade and keep the Fart In a jar?

    I am also wondering if the .45 mod effects the Korba too, if not can it? :p

    Forgot to ask if weapons like the Shark*the actual Shark weapon not the dlc gut shooter* and the Tiki Torch, I also saw a lot of references to things like pepper spray and there is even a bean bag gun, I found all these in your unfucked items_inventory.xbtl.

    Thanks :D
  7. The Kobra is in 0.4 now. It's not full auto, it... is more of a finesse-y vehicle exploding machine. ;)

    Do you mean having five grenade types, or having a grenade that has the effect of both the fart and the flash bang, or replacing the electric grenade with the flash bang? Adding new weapons is possible, but it breaks savegame compatibility and thus I won't be doing it. I already don't know what'll happen if you use and then remove my slotmod while having the relevant weapons equipped ;P

    TurboShark & VanillaRPG for you:
    http://luckz.de/upload/srtt-Rich246.rar (apply to any 0.4 flavour)

    P.S.: A lot of the weapon entries in weapons.xtbl (and consequently items_inventory.xtbl) are legacy SR2 things that may or may not function correctly and that may or may not be in future DLC in some form or another. Liquor, drug, box, pepper spray, water spray (does the fire engine have a functional one? IIRC it does not) are but some of those.
  8. Any chance you could get rid of the "pull start" animation for the woodsman? It's very annoying having the game pause for a second or so every time I scroll over it by accident. Giving it the ability to explode people like the sonic gun would be pretty rad too.
  9. Thanks a ton dude keep up this amazing work or else ok? :p, my own rar named after me.. I'm special XD

    I did want the Flash bang grenade added back, but meh... Can you get rid of the fart in a jar and put back the flash bang grenade, also can it be... pimped, it needs more bang ;)

    Edit: Just tested the Shark DLC gun in game and it doesn't attack the peds in the street instantly like it does peds in cars, peds on the street still try to wipe themselves off, I was also wondering if the distance it can fire can be increased.
  10. Shitface (nice name), it seems weap_chainsaw.xtbl points at saw_crank.animx, but I have no idea how to edit .animx files etc. I tried removing the entry but that did not stop the chainsaw from cranking up. I also tried removing the "on selection" flag from the chainsaw, thinking that might be the animation, but it also had no effect. The chainsaw already has the "gibs victims" flag, and besides that I guess it's largely damage and 'firing cones' that could potentially be modded. But it likely looks bad if you have a chainsaw that hits people who aren't really close to the model anyway, and with its long drawn out animations this game's chainsaw is not a 'time-efficient' weapon by design.

    Rich, it seems like the shark delay is handled by animation files or the special (hard-coded) flag the weapon uses. It's weird that it works on vehicles, maybe that even is a 'bug' that I was even able to achieve that :/
    Somewhat increased flashbang and fart effects, feel free to tell me how well/not it works.
    http://luckz.de/upload/srtt-Rich246.rar updated to (hopefully :p) make the level 4 flashbang (fart in a jar) the same as the level 3 flashbang. I assume your problem is that you bought the flashbang upgrade to fart in a jar at some point or another and now can't "unbuy" it (and don't have a recent enough savegame without it)?

    ^ for some reason this didn't get posted after I wrote it some 12 hours ago.
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