Eradicator 1.0 - Hand held laser gun

Discussion in 'Weapons' started by FlyingMan, Dec 28, 2011.

  1. Kinzie just upgraded your Cybergun to be able to fire laser like the Vtol.
    Total destruction guaranteed.
    Uneven, unequal, unfair, totally one-sided...It's all that, they just don't have a goddamn chance!
    Just extract the file to your SR:TT main directory and kick butt!


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  2. For those of you already using this, you're welcome.
  3. Gandalf

    Gandalf Banned

    A bit rude,that one.Thank you,FlyingMan looks like a lot of fun.:)
  4. Sorry for that, I'm a little selfish ;) , but I like when people make comments like you, positive or not, not just download it. I'm no expert in tweaking things like this, it took me some time to figure this out :confused:
  5. Gandalf

    Gandalf Banned

    I didn't mean you were rude,i meant for him to post and not even acknowledge the modder is rude.
    I had a blast(pun intended)with your Eradicator today,thanks again.:)
  6. luv the mod, cybergun is no longer useless.
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  7. Thank you so much for your kind words, it's totally worth the effort :D
  8. FlyingMan,

    I'm doing an article on GameSpy for Saints Row 3 mods, would love to give yours a bit of promotion. Just wanted to get your permission to go ahead and promote/host it on GameSpy/FilePlanet. Looks like a flaming good time. ;) You can contact me here, or directly at

  9. Op is right. This is seriously overpowered lol. About the only thing that can take you out by the time you're able to use this mod is either too many tank/vtol lasers firing at you or accidently shooting Oleg and not killing him quickly enough when he turns on you. Thanks for the mod, this is fantastic.
  10. Wow FlyingMan, awesome mod and you get featured on GameSpy, who would have thought you would get that much attention? :) This mod is seriously maybe the best one around; simple and sweet. Some times you just want to kick @$$ and not worry about the little things like dying. :)

    You rock.
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