Equal Damage (TRUE Hardcore Mode) / Instant Ragdolls for SR2

Equal Damage (TRUE Hardcore Mode) / Instant Ragdolls
Created by YeehawPhoenix

I've had this mod to myself for a couple years now but I have now decided to release to y'all!

I always thought that Saints Row 2 was a bit *too* easy, especially after playing it for years now. So I've made a mod that basically equals ALL bullet damage taken by ALL types of guns to match the amount of damage enemies take.

No Instant Ragdolls: An option to just have the damage equal to the enemies' and you won't ragdoll.

Instant Ragdolls: An option where anyone at anytime will ragdoll upon getting shot.

How to install (using Gentlemen of The Row)
1. Extract the ZIP file, choose an option, then copy "weapons.xtbl" and paste into the "1-MODDERS_-_PUT_YOUR_OWN_PERSONAL_MODS_HERE" folder under Gentlemen of The Row's "optional_mod_stuff" folder.
2. Launch "Create_Custom_GotR_v1.9.2.bat", create a patch (P).
3. Copy everything inside the MY_CUSTOM_PATCH folder to your Saints Row 2 installation folder.

Delete "weapons.xtbl" from the "1-MODDERS_-_PUT_YOUR_OWN_PERSONAL_MODS_HERE" folder in Gentlemen of The Row then repeat steps 2 & 3 from above.

(Keep in mind, the instant ragdolling is OPTIONAL!)

Enjoy! :)


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This feels like the gun bullets rn has explosion that cause players got ragdoll lol... Nice mods!! Im gonna try it
It's off-topic but it possible to make mod for SR3 that removes hidden dmg resistances when Playa has low health?
whenever i do a playthrough of skyrim this is the exact same type of mod i get running. ive always wished more games had this sort of feel and im glad my beloved sr2 finally gets its share, will combine this with no health regen for ultimate experience
i've always liked when hard modes actually make you equally as weak (or strong, but if everyone's strong) as the npcs themselves.

kane and lynch 2's extreme difficulty took a piece of my soul i will never get back