[Enhanced Graphics 2] Saints Row 2 : Shinobu" Fix - Ultra Settings


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Every physical copy of Saints Row 2 on PC has to be activated on Steam, if that's not the case you have an illegitimate copy of the game.
Anyway I can run this on linux/steam deck
Download the mod files and GotR then put them into a directory example: /home/deck/GotR

Open the terminal (Konsole)
Then type the following 2 commands:

sudo steamos-readonly disable (This allows the root to be written too)

sudo pacman -s wine (This will grab wine from the custom repo that Valve forked)
Once done, go to where you installed GotR and open the terminal there

Once that has opened type in "wine cmd", after that does it's thing proceed to type "start Create_Custom_GotR_v1.9.2.bat" then it is the same process as Windows here on out

While this next bit isn't relevent to the question do keep in mind that the filesystem classes capitalised letters as a whole new character meaning you can have 2 of the exactly to same named folders just one has a capital