Enhanced Gang Customization - VERSION 2.0 is out! Now with Zin Saints!

Discussion in 'Homies & NPCs' started by GPZ, Sep 27, 2013.

  1. GPZ


    Enhanced Gang Customization (Version 2.0)

    Gang customization is a neglected feature in Saints Row IV; My aim was to expand the amount of gang styles available while taking advantage of the new interesting character models available in the game.

    Features - New Gang Styles:
    • Alien - Use Zinyak's own forces against him.
    • Nyteblade - Combat evil with these unholy sidekicks.
    • Terrorist - Appropriate only in the Middle East.
    • Vintage - A classy blast from the past.
    • Morning Stars, Deckers and Luchadores - The "Syndicate Saints" return. Philipe would be mad.
    Enhanced Gang also incorporates an altered spawner with many new additions to the game world.

    Simply unpack to your root Saints Row IV folder. Please note that all of the files included in this archive (especially all of the .str2_pc files!) are necessary, so this modification may be incompatible with other modifications.



    Known issues:
    The game will hang duirng The Saints Wing and How the Saints Save Christmas missions. You should be able to progress with Enhanced Gang installed outside of these missions.


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  2. Does this mod also feature Murderbots into the gang roster
    based upon that other bloke's mod?

    Also, will this be incorporated with IdolNinja's Sandbox+ mod
    when he completes it?
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  3. Are the morning star still an option?
  4. GPZ


    I'm not sure what you are asking. The Murderbots' AI doesn't work well when they spawn as gang grunts. I don't think Sandbox+ is meant to change anything gang-related, and I'm not the person to ask about IdolNinja's plans.

    Not at the moment.
  5. Nevermind. It's just that there's a mod release which
    adds Murderbots into the "Cop" section of Gang Customization.

    And so, I was curious if you included that as part of your mod too.
    That & if when your mod is finished, can it be integrated with Idol's
    Sandbox+ mod in the near future?

    But if not, then I understand.
  6. GPZ


    I don't know, I haven't reviewed Idol's Sandbox+ yet. You should see if the files from both mods overlap each other.
  7. This mod and my murderbot homies both use character.xtbl, unfortunately. It'd be pretty easy to make a version that supports both, but you'd probably need to delete one of the extra characters from this one to make room for the bots. The only conflict I see between this and Sandbox+ is the spawn_info_groups file, and you only need the SB+ version if you intend to use the "past gang spawning" command.
  8. How to merge it with another mod cuz i already have a mod using character_definitions.xtbl & spawn_info_groups.xtbl
  9. Can you make homies from sr3 like "Aliens" and "Penthouse"?
  10. Fan of Saints

    Fan of Saints Modding patch tester

    Eh... I tried to merge it with Miku Hatsune's Past Gangs Spawning Mod, but when I compared your mod files to original I saw that your files are formated in a different way. Could you write what changes did you do in character.xtbl and spawn_info_groups.xtbl? I would be really grateful. :D
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