Emptying Weapon Slots/Moving Weapons

Discussion in 'Get Help/Troubleshooting' started by tonyb42, Sep 11, 2019.

  1. Hello All. If possible, could someone explain how to move weapons from one slot to another and empty slots all together? I'm trying to play through SRTT with no firearms, just fists and melee weapons (and maybe a non-lethal weapon or 2:D) and if possible, would like to spread the melee weapons around in slots where a firearm would usually be. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, even if it's just what files to look in.
  2. While you can move all weapons into a single slot, it would cause the game to kind of break. Special weapons on any other slot may cause malfunction for example. Also, some missions require specific weapons in their correct slots in order to complete. Example sky diving mission from the beginning requires smgs or you will be stuck in T-pose.

    search <inv_Slot>
  3. I see. My plan is to play around with it in free-roam, as I've already completed the game for the "nth Time":D. Also, looking at the weapons file, I'm assuming that I just change the wording between the two Inv_Slots to where I want that weapon to go, correct? Like for instance "baseball bat" from<inv_slot>melee<inv_slot>, to <inv_slot>pistol<inv_slot>, and so on? Also, will the weapon positions be changed (and shown) in the Crib menu and Friendly Fire, or would I have to tweak another file?
  4. Yes

    be sure to also switch the ammo types accordingly to where you've placed the weapons. That's if you are planning to use them.
  5. Much appreciated! I just moved the melee and special weapons I wanted, around to different slots for easier access, but left the original weapons there, in place. Works great. Thanks for the tutorial:D.
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