Email confirmation not being sent?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by altokitty, Apr 4, 2018.

  1. [SOLVED]
    Just took like 10 hours for them to arrive. My bad.

    So, new member here. I hope this is the right subforum. I recently signed up for this forum looking to mod SR3, which I just got around to playing, except I can't seem to get an email confirmation sent. I've tried the resend prompt about four or five times over the last four hours to two different emails, yet nothing's been received, spam checked and everything.

    This account's using my Steam profile, and even it doesn't seem to have been "confirmed", as I'm still unable to access Content for Registered Members Only. This account's been live maybe about three hours now; that's clearly well past the "up to 15 min" stated on the bottom. Any moderators/admins can help out? Thanks a lot.
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  2. I was just in your situation minutes ago, i requested the confirmation email yesterday and it just arrived today.

    Seems like it takes its time to appear
  3. Ah, yep, emails for both accounts just received.
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