Editing textures in Saints Row 2

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    Editing textures in Saints Row 2 is quite easy. It isn't as tedious as Saints Row: The Third or Saints Row IV because it lacks the excessive "Russian doll" packfiles.

    To edit a texture you need to download Masamaru's tools and Minimaul's tools.
    • Using ThomasJepp.SaintsRow.ExtractPackfileGUI extract both textures.vpp_pc and pegs.vpp_pc, you need both a PEG_PC file (located in pegs.vpp_pc) and its corresponding G_PEG_PC file (located in textures.vpp_pc). You also may need to extract Chunks_4 for some G_PEG files with more textures.
    • simply drag both these files into Masamaru's SR2 pegtool and a folder of the same name will be created.
    • From here edit the PNG FILE ONLY. DO NOT TOUCH THE DDS FILE!! once you've edited that...
    • drag the .DESC file inside that folder into the SR2 pegtool. You will now find that a folder called [YOUR PEG'S NAME]_rebuild has been created inside the extracted folder,
    and your newly edited PEGs will be in that folder. Build them into your patch and there you go!

    Thanks to Minimaul and Masamaru for the tools, and Singa for some additional info too
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