Drowning v0.2

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  1. Drowning v0.2
    Mod by nclok1405 ◆VScYHamhfU

    Download: Drowning_v0.2.zip


    === Description ===
    This mod makes all deep water of Stilwater super deadly for the Boss.
    For fun, try completing Pyramid Scheme mission with it. (Yes, it's doable)

    === Install ===
    To install, place "hotels.lua" file to optional_mod_stuff\1-MODDERS_-_PUT_YOUR_OWN_PERSONAL_MODS_HERE folder in Gentlemen of the Row mod folder.
    Then execute "Create_Custom_GotR_v1.9.2.bat", create a patch (P), and copy everything inside the MY_CUSTOM_PATCH folder to your Saints Row 2 installation folder.

    === Changelog ===
    v0.2 (May 21, 2019)
    * Homies can also drown now

    v0.1 (May 11, 2019)
    * Initial release

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  2. Funny mod, I crashed into the river with my costumed Go! car and I went down with the car but the NPCs and Homies have no affect on them, it could be possible you can achieve that. Good mod by the way.
  3. v0.2 released. Homies can drown now.

    I can't add peds and other random NPCs; they have no name and the game gives no control of them except for making them scared.
    For homies I added them in v0.2. Curiously, for some reason character_exists did not work for homies (#FOLLOWER1#, #FOLLOWER2#, and #FOLLOWER3#) but can still be killed.
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  4. Is it true? I found that in SR3-4 peds have names but they are pretty random, the structure is CharacterName_number, I had an idea to create a list with all possible names and parse with function character_exists it when you change location to get npc on location but I am not smart enough for these things.
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  5. THPSX

    THPSX Banned

    character_kill(LOCAL_PLAYER) no true does no effect never die cheat or invulnerable LOL I got to know about.

    hmmm i think Boolean with true for override death doesn't exist until later appears to go to saints row 3 and 4, GOOH.

    never die/invulnerable + character_kill(LOCAL_PLAYER,true) + Damage multiplier 0.0 = Player dies instantly in SR3 (I hated when jump off from the penthouse and instantly die in mid-air that was Trajan whores, later i just get rid of kill region

    never die/invulnerable + character_kill(LOCAL_PLAYER,true) + Damage multiplier 0.0 = player still never dies in SR4 and GOOH , fixed cheats comes back to life (I can pass though kill region)
  6. Make it so if you have certain clothes equipped you wont drown, such as the deep sea helmet.
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