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Saints Row 2 Dogs were in the game?

Discussion in 'Ask Volition!' started by FusionH2o, Feb 18, 2018.

  1. I just discovered playing around near the Saints Hideout crib and I heard dogs barking, later that day I found textures referring to a dog. Was dogs actually cut from the game before releasing it?

    Example of a dog texture found in extracted sr2_chunk060, fu_dog_co.tga_0.png:
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  2. I could be wrong but, those look like textures from the museum gift shop statues. It might be Cerberus
  3. I don't think so, that texture was extracted from sr2_chunk060, the same area where the Lopez Mansion is. Which I'm restoring the mansion. Is there a statue of Cerberus in this area too? Here's where its at:
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  4. Admixon

    Admixon Administrator Staff Member

    It doesn't look like a dog texture. More like a monster texture.
    Btw, dogs were in the very early version of SR3
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  5. Monster? Could it be Merhman?
  6. It's not a dog (or a monster), it's a lion statue from Chinatown:

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  7. I google searched "fu dog" and this was the type of statues I was seeing. So this is definitely right. I also find that textures tend to be stored in random places, this is also true in SRTT.

    Edit: For example, a .str2_pc file named "Daedalus" would contain textures for the "Tits n Grits" billboard and woman-lamp-statues.

    Edit again: Just found out Little Shanghai was just above the mansions, so it's more related than I thought it was.:confused:
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  8. That's cool. I didn't think it was in Chinatown lol.
  9. Is there a mod to restore dogs in SRTT?