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Does anyone else enjoy Saints Row Gat Outta' Hell

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by ArmaniCapone, May 20, 2017.

  1. I'm new to this community, I've played all the Saint's Row games starting from the first. I enjoyed the story on all of the games, it seems to me that Volition is going somewhere with this franchise but I keep seeing a lot of hate with recent Saints Row games. I just want to know why do people dislike the way SR is going?
  2. Minimaul

    Minimaul Site owner Staff Member

    Yes, I liked Gat out of Hell.

    It doesn't feel like a 'full instalment' to me, but it was never aimed at being one - it was meant to be a standalone expansion and that's what it is.
  3. Quantum

    Quantum Modding patch tester

    I've enjoyed all the Saints Row stories too. Volition's sense of humor has always been very enjoyable to me, and that's one big thing that set's it apart from it's arch nemesis -- Grand Theft Auto. As Minimaul said, Gat Out of Hell is a standalone expansion, so I wouldn't have the same expectations for it as I have for the full Saints Row games.

    I think much of the "hate" for the newer games stems from the fact that many of the "sandboxy" open world features that we loved in the older games have not been included in newer games (particularly, Saints Row 4). I would expect that, since Volition has such a huge arsenal of work to build upon, they would use that as a baseline for the newer games and then build upon it.

    Instead, what I see is many of the features that attracted me to the Saints Row games being removed in the newer games. It seems like Saints Row 2 was the pinnacle of Saints Row games, as far as the open world goes, and the open world has been getting less interesting for each game. I do like Saints Row 3 for it's BEAUTIFUL graphics, but Steelport is still not nearly as interesting as Stilwater. Saints Row IV was a particular disappointment, since it simply took the Saints Row 3 world, destroyed almost all of the interesting buildings, removed weather, boats, cribs, etc.

    Again, I enjoyed all the stories, so that's not my objection. But when the campaign is over in Saints Row 2, for example, there's still this huge and vibrant world to enjoy with all sorts of fun things, and that's what I loved about the Saints Row games.

    So, I think the "hate" is not really hate but rather disappointment that the older games just have much more playability than the newer ones and are just more vibrant than the new ones.
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  4. Saints Row The Third is the best in the genre in my opinion, sure the city might be less "interesting" but then you have the good graphics, water reflections on the ground when it's raining, you have the massive billboards in Loren Square and so on. The story is way more interesting then the Saints Row 1 not sure about the second however. The story for the first two games are cliche in my opinion. In Saint's Row 1 you're just some guy walking and then out of nowhere you get recruited into the Saints and in Saints Row 2 you break out of prison, also the characters attitude towards you. "Ay, Playa we need to put Saints back on the map, go meet up with Johnny" I don't know, but one thing is for sure it's stale. Saints Row 1 and 2 is boring IMO.

    Saints Row 4 and 3 however are interesting you're not in a city killing gang members 24/7.
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  5. Quantum

    Quantum Modding patch tester

    Saints Row 3 is my favorite game to mod, just because the graphics are stunning! Graphically, it's just by far the best in the series for that reason. I totally love the wet ground reflections of the massive colored billboards at night when it's raining. They just haven't been able to match anything like that graphically since Saints Row 3.

    If you're interested in the technical aspects of the lighting in Saints Row 3, watch this fascinating lecture by Scott Kircher at Volition. I particularly like the Lit Rain technology they use in Saints Row 3, that makes the rain so realistic. It's such a shame they abandoned all that wonderful technology in subsequent games.
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