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Discussion in 'Homies & NPCs' started by NikitaFW02, Nov 5, 2018.

  1. Hello everyone! I made this mod because there was many disabled homie files in game.
    Includes: Zombie Gat, SWAT Team, Viola, Lin, William Sharp, Dane Vogel, Phillipe Loren, Zombie Horde.
    If you are starting a new game, they all will be unlocked from the start, just like Vehicle Delivery.

    1) When calling any of new homie, there are no a homie phone call sound.
    2) Lin, Sharp and Vogel got no voices in simulation.
    3) Also they and Loren got no homie icons in simulation (solved - download 'follower_heads.xtbl' file)

    Special thanks:
    To hoeward for Phillipe Loren's description in Phone.
    To Mask Mods for Phillipe Loren's homie icon.

    Copy every last file from "Files" folder to your Saints Row IV install folder.

    v1.1 available! Download 'follower_heads.xtbl' file and put it in your Saints Row IV install folder to solve 3rd issue.



    SaintsRowIV 2018-11-02 18-15-38-97.jpg SaintsRowIV 2018-11-02 18-15-53-45.jpg SaintsRowIV 2018-11-02 18-16-24-53.jpg SaintsRowIV 2018-11-02 18-17-12-29.jpg SaintsRowIV 2018-11-02 18-17-28-99.jpg SaintsRowIV 2018-11-02 18-17-48-52.jpg SaintsRowIV 2018-11-02 18-19-16-68.jpg SaintsRowIV 2018-11-02 18-20-02-05.jpg

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  2. All this mod does is delete most of my standard homies. I can't find Lin, Vogel or any of the homies promised in this mod. So I just have one question... Why fill me with false hope like that?
  3. In that case I really do not know what to do. Some mods made by others doesn't work on my Saints Row IV. I guess this is normal. The only way is to delete this mod. And to return old homies back, download and put this file in your Saints Row IV folder:

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