[Debris Stay Mod] v.1 - By: V4.

second time's the charm? :eek:

Tired of seeing stuff disappear after 2 seconds?
As always, devs always keep a short life span on broken debris.
And as always, i have to fix it.


"Debris stays" changes are as follows:
* Drasticly Increased lifetime on vanilla physics based objects.
(lamps, street lights, mailboxes, trash cans etc)

* Removed "Kill_on_death" argument on each rigid body.
(Game Engine will not remove debris after object has been damaged, but will presist in the game world)

After having a huge gun fight on the streets, it will leave an inpact on the world.
making it more immersive and fun.


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One word... AWESOME! Makes the game so hectic.


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Thanks for the mod, that was a great idea. And in case anyone is wondering, the mod works fine with the original version too (although the main part of vehicle wrecks still disappears fairly quickly, but I think that's intended). Using this mod alongside Correct Decals is really a substantial improvement.
I wish they had a bloodsplatter mod so the blood stays. That way I can make my pc lag by making the whole floor and walls red.

Edit: I figured out how to do it
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I've fixed unbreakable windows. In addition, I've also added back a few lines that were missing when compared to the original file from the remaster.

Also, with the original mod, Stag Party could not be completed due to unbreakable glass. That is now fixed


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