Death From Above, Buff, and Force Field no longer available

Discussion in 'Patch Suggestions and Bug Reports' started by monkeyVSrobot, Aug 28, 2013.

  1. I have been playing co-op with the same person for the entire campaign (she hosted), and neither one of us played a campaign mission in single player. Together we unlocked Death From Above, Buff, and Force Field, and I used them for a little bit in that co-op game. This was all pre-patch.

    When I load my save into single player post-patch, Death From Above, Buff, and Force Field no longer appear in my Powers menu (and in perhaps a related vein, Gat no longer appears on the ship). The cheat to activate and give all powers does not make them available. This lack of availability occurs in all of my saves, even ones near the beginning of the game (right after entering the open world simulation for the first time--the cheat still doesn't work).

    Does anyone else have this issue?
  2. Yeah, I've gotten this bug too. Unlocked it in Co-op, but didn't get it in SP.

    I do have buff, but not Death from Above or Force Field. Maybe it has something to do with skipping the mission?
  3. Arglaar

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    Powers availability are Gated by main-story missions.
    when you load the single-player game, does it show you as having completed all the missions you had done in Co-op or did it roll you back to previous missions?
  4. I haven't checked in game, but according to my SR4 stats on, it seems it did not count most of my missions completed in co-op; however, I do know that my game save says I'm at 89% completed. The site stats also say I only have half the Activities done when I got gold in all of them (and I did most of that on my own). The stats on the site do reflect the correct play time though.
  5. It rolled me back to the previous mission I was on before I started co-op. But when I got to the mission that unlocks Death from Above and Force Field, I skipped it and it gave me Buff but not the other 2 powers.
  6. My problem is solved. I did get rolled back. I had to do the Emergency Situation mission, but then I was allowed to skip the rest until I was back to where I was with my co-op partner. Upon each quest completion, I was bestowed the powers.

    Thanks to all for the help.
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