Deadpool Mask (re-texture) Zombie Mask

Discussion in 'Mod Releases' started by Implicit-Bookcarrier, Dec 31, 2016.

  1. This puts a Deadpool Mask over the Zombie Mask you get when finishing the Zombie TV quest.

    You need GOTR for this to work.
    This is version 1 so far... didnt finish it to my liking yet.. but had fun playing with it, so decided to post it.
    VERSION2 ...( I added a VERY sloppy looking cloth texture to the mask and made it redder ).. enjoy!!
    FINAL VERSION3 ... added more stuff and stuff like that...
    20161231013232_1.jpg 20161231013234_1.jpg 20161231013237_1.jpg View attachment 15326 View attachment 15327

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  2. F13


  3. That requires TexMod.. mine requires GOTR..
    Same as with my nude mod... the other one required TexMod and mine required GOTR.
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  4. version 2.. added texture to mask ( kinna ) and made it a darker red color 20170102004044_1.jpg 20170102004113_1.jpg 20170102004120_1.jpg
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  5. FINAL ONE: ... im pretty sure I got it how I want it now... version3: 20170105025501_1.jpg 20170105025510_1.jpg 20170105030104_1.jpg
  6. for some reason, my jacket disappeared. 20170205185205_1.jpg
  7. F13


    That could actually be unrelated to the deadpool mask, which jacket were you wearing?
  8. biker jacket 2.
  9. F13


    Yeah, that jacket doesn't work with certain body shapes.
  10. yeah, i fixed it by wearing a hoodie.
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