Daspex's Switchable Info Panel + Sandbox + Help Screens (IdolNinjaVersion) Mod

Discussion in 'Mods in Progress' started by daspex, May 1, 2018.

  1. Hi,

    This mod will be made to learn a little bit of lua scripting and stuff like making custom string files and use the mission help table function to get ingame help screens displayed.I allways forget this dammned key combo's for teleporting and stuff so i decided to make a helpscreen mod for this.
    Most time i will spent for creating the text strings but i'm not sure about that.... :)
    Got it to 13 rows finaly thats important cause every combo Letter has 12 teleports..
    After testing many hours i created the first custom string for the Z Button. :)
    First set of stringfiles ready.Teleport Help Screens for C,F,G,X and Z Buttons.
    Strings ready for Special Command Keys Info,Utils/Misc and Custom Info.
    Replay Cutscenes Info strings in Progress.
    Replay Cutscenes info strings ready.
    Now making language strings and bundeling the whole bunch into one string for each
    Last changes to strings gif
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  2. Great job, I don't have dual monitors so I can't see the text file while playing the game with full resolution, so this will be useful.
  3. Yeah,I don't want to use any extras like dual monitor or tablet to look at the help text for the cool stuff in IdolNinjas sandbox + so i thought this has to be made.
  4. Well, then thank you for making it.
  5. You are welcome.
  6. First Version released on this forums SRIV section and Steam Workshop.
  7. Strings bundeld.Works like expected.Next update will include it.Seems like it works a little faster with all strings in one file.
  8. Maybe i should make the infoscreen cycleing trough the topics.
    Cycleing for infostrings ready.1=Teleport,2=SpecialCommands,
    3=Cutscenes,4=VanillaCheatCodes,CustomCheatCodes and
    Key"N"= Animations with names displayed are cycleing if Weapon Keys 1-4 or "N" key are pressed multiple times.Adding Cheatcode Infostrings in Progress....
    Cheatcode info added to the mod. :)
    View attachment 18927
    Info files for animations in Progress.
    View attachment 18928
    Works also on Vehicles and activated free/slew Cam.Thats fun :)
    View attachment 18934
    View attachment 18935
    View attachment 18936
    The gps_plusca.vpp_pc has no strings for name displaying they aren't completed yet...
    But it'll work without it.
    Cool works also with Homies..
    View attachment 18962
    View attachment 18963
    Added latest test script.Single Button version.Without strings...doesn't matter for testing.
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  9. What do you use as char name to activate action play for homies?
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  10. FOLLOWER1,FOLLOWER2,FOLLOWER3 as described in gamelib lua.
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