Daspex Woodstock Weapons with rotating Weapon Icons

Discussion in 'Weapons' started by daspex, Oct 10, 2018.

  1. Hi Community,
    This is the Beta Version of my Woodstock Weapons.
    Install:Copy the content of the archive into your games mod folder.
    Keys: Press HOME+END for Weapon cycleing.

    CREDITS to:
    @Minimaul for the SR4 Tools and Stuff.
    @flow754 for the WeaponClone Tool and the pegAssembler Tool and helping with setting the BM_F* flag and _c Suffix. :)
    @scanti for srtextools
    @Yepoleb for sr textool
    @Henry08 for making the weapon clone tutorial.

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  2. Awesome! I was making myself wooden stock textures for my game, I can really use those! At least I learned how to texture
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  3. Thats great.So I'm not the only one who likes wooden stocks.:)Will you release them as
    a mod?
  4. No, it was just some experiements on SRTT texturing I did some 3 months ago, already deleted those files. If I remember well, the shotgun with wooden texture either crashed the game or bugged it! I only used one texture after all, the Krinkov with orange plastic furniture, like in those AK74 Magazines get it?
  5. Ah,I see.I don't have SRTT yet but maybe later i will get it and have a look at what weapons can be done there.
  6. Niceee
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