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Discussion in 'Mods in Progress' started by daspex, Sep 7, 2018.

  1. TAK-10-WOODSTOCK.png SaintsRowIV 2018-09-07 07-26-55.png
    This is still WIP. Stock,Drumm and Grips are ready for now.
    Hm,thats strange can't get the icon showing up maybe because of cloning the same Weapon type twice?
    SaintsRowIV 2018-09-08 02-09-53.png SaintsRowIV 2018-09-08 02-09-33.png
    Should it be cloned by "skin' mode?

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  2. Hunting2plusalphachan.png SMG-Woodstock.png
    This Weapon does not work for some reason./\
    SaintsRowIV 2018-09-10 22-42-56.png SaintsRowIV 2018-09-10 22-43-38.png
    SaintsRowIV 2018-09-12 07-24-34.png
    SaintsRowIV 2018-09-12 07-24-27.png

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  3. Ok.I think the icons are working now.
    SaintsRowIV 2018-09-19 03-09-42.png
    SaintsRowIV 2018-09-19 03-09-56.png
    SaintsRowIV 2018-09-19 03-13-36.png
    SaintsRowIV 2018-09-19 07-47-55.png
    SaintsRowIV 2018-09-19 05-05-30.png SaintsRowIV 2018-09-19 05-04-21.png

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  4. Sniper-WW2b.png
    SaintsRowIV 2018-09-20 01-36-42.png
    SaintsRowIV 2018-09-20 03-29-03.png
    Ok.The ui icons are too dark.Will try to fix that by setting a flag to true like Flow mentioned in his pegAssembler thread.Then the precompiled text strings will be made and a little lua script.Maybe a little table tweaking and then it can be released. :)
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  5. Arondight

    Arondight Modding patch tester

    Good job! you should totally release it on the workshop as well
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  6. I'll release it soon but there is still a lot to do....:)
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