Cyrus Temple Glitch

Discussion in 'Share your character' started by KanbeiKS7, May 31, 2019.

  1. Cyrus Temple
    The long, so called unobtainable outfit for your character's avatar. Now available for download, shout outs to @mrsaintsgodzilla21 for showing how to get this outfit on his YouTube channel, and my bro @Zebuta for going to the trouble of getting it. :D

    Notes 1: Cyrus' head is a hat and his body is an outfit, his hats and feet will disappear when you give him different clothes so have fun. Your avatars's head will reappear if you remove Cyrus head by adding a hat to him. If you don't save the outfit in-game you will have to download him again. Save the outfit after getting it!

    Note 2: I don't know if this works in SRIV so expect disappointment...

    Hat: Cyrus' Head
    Suit: Cyrus' Body

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