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This is a WIP that adds Cypher as a homie to your cellphone, she doesn't replace another homie but is a new entry in the file.

So far she uses a placeholder name and description, in the cellphone. She is called "SUIT - ULTOR ASSASSIN" with a matching description and uses a female Saints icon. Once we can edit strings and textures for the remaster, this will be updated.

There are two versions of the mod, one where she arrives on an Ultor Interceptor which is very lore friendly but has a slight issue. She jumps off before landing, sometimes resulting in the bike blowing up.

That's why I added a second version that has her arrive on an ultimate Kaneda.

She will wield the TOGO-13 in combat.




To install it, copy characters.xtbl, homies.xtbl and spawn_info_ranks.xtbl into "Program Files" > "Epic Games" > "SaintsRowTheThird".

To uninstall it, remove characters.xtbl, homies.xtbl and spawn_info_ranks.xtbl from "Program Files" > "Epic Games" > "SaintsRowTheThird".


LucasRitter for his Saints Row: The Third - Remastered VPP viewer used to extract the file.


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Why they bothered remaking an unused model (and keeping it unused, after all)?
It is like if they just did the uttermost basic work, bordering low effort, and just going by the game files and retouching everything they found on the way, one by one, without care for cohesion.
Is this mod compatible with the Johnny Gat Homie Mod, or is it just one or the other?


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For now it is just one or the other unless you merge them manually. This is because they are still both in progress until we get the proper tools. Once I can finish these mods properly, I will release a seperate homie pack with these two and at least one more homie I am working on currently.
Cool. I look forward to it.

I don't know if anyone else has noticed this, but in this remaster, CheapyD is just a slightly re-textured model of generic Saint 7, compared to his original design which actually had a unique head.

So... With that in mind, and I know this will probably sounds ridiculous.

But I was wondering if it was possible to use the generic Saint 6 model as a Homie, with slightly lighter skin and darker clothes. Renamed to Freelancer 212 and using one of the Deckers British voices? He would also only ever use the 45 Sheperd.

And when made possible to do so, have him as part of a Homie Pack alongside Johnny Gat and Monica Hughes?


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We can't edit stuff like skin and clothes and not sure about the voice, might be possible but hard to pull off with our restrictions. I suggest submitting a seperate request here.