Cyberpunk 2077 Clones - Why not lead AOM to Tencent

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  1. Before we say Cyberpunk 2077 is the only Cyberpunk...Deus Ex & Remeber Me, but I was saying when I played Agents of Mayhem it felt like pre-Cyberpunk 2077 in my Steam Review, but lacked focus on either being Super Cops or Agents (I will later talk about Mod Concepts).

    The Pitch
    I started watching Cyberpunk Clones and thought, if Volition isn't going to sequel or expand on AOM, give the IP to China, but work closely with them for profit and unsaturated marketing.
    Code Syn and most chinese games focus on customization like Saints Row and is in 3rd Person, but if they had the ecosystem and programmers to revamp AOM, then it could be farther from being a clone...even though AOM = Overwatch Clone w/Offline/3PV & SR = GTA Clone w/Customization/GangFocus.

    - Allow Deep Customization (Mix between Code Vein & NFS Multi/Move-able Decal system/UVMap Editor)
    - Use the post I had on of quality mini Map Expansions (Steamport, Sunkwater, Lil'Culture)
    - Don't bother making an Android version as it would be Gangstar New Orleans (Already has Microtransaction too)

    Concept to Showcase Mod Ideas or Game Suggestions
    As I couldn't make Mods for SR4 -Scale/Placing off- and neither did I make Mod Resource for someone to rig/correct and Publish before losing my SSD w/Selfmade Clothing Tutors & Mod Progress.
    Reading the concepts I've posted, sucks so I got this plan to probably visually show mod ideas is by building a mini-game version in Blender Game Engine (Uses Logic Bricks & Python vs Coding from Scratch).
    Though I feel all talk and no action so I want to do this to put in some work.

    AOM is Cyberpunk 2020

    - 2 Mega Companies fighting (Agents of Mayhem vs Legion) w/both being Semi-Hero and Villian
    - Futuristic City before it went to Hell (AOM Ecosystem is better than any game I've seen to date)
    - AOM's cleaner with Less Detail and Junk/parts vs Cyberpunk's detailed designs
    - The Hammerhead w/Default Skin vs Cyberpunk's Black/Yellow Coupe
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