Cyberbitches in your gang, Matt Miller, Phillipe Loren too.

Discussion in 'Homies & NPCs' started by Henry08, Apr 21, 2018.

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    That mod replace two Decker member to Matt Miller and Roller Blader also one member of Morning Star was replaced to Phillipe Loren. Original idea by Darkchildkiki18. If someone know how to set Roller Blader to slide on the back of the car, please write me. I found some values only in notoriety_spawn.xtbl

    To install unpack 7z to your SRTT folder

    Update: Fixed team membership that may cause some conflict between saints members and Matt Miller, Philllipe Loren an Roller
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  2. Phillipe Loren isn't a cyberbitch, though, he's just a cunt.
  3. Why can't I call y anyone that brings my car to me please can someone change this please thanks , also can someone add morningstar specialist to it as well please , also why don't matt Miller and phillipe loren , decker specialist spawn on the streets and in the crib as well can someone change this as well and please make it compatible with temp weapons mod i want both of us to have her shock hammer please thanks
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  4. one quick question, for the Decker specialist in gang customization, if its called, will she have the same attacks as the Decker specialist?
  5. yes she does have the same attacks as the deckers ones do
  6. Singa

    Singa Succubus Staff Member

    Amazing feedback, what doesn't work, which version of the game are you playing, do you have any other mods installed, did you install it correctly?
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