Cutscene SKR 9 model replacement

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  1. I've been trying to replace the model from the cutscene of the skr 9 with the model that the player uses "p_skr-9" but somehow it turns into this..
    SR2_pc 2020-06-20 16-15-37.png SR2_pc 2020-06-20 16-15-46.png SR2_pc 2020-06-20 16-15-02.png
    I'm not sure what is the issue that cause that..
    in case you want to test the models, here are the files that i tryed to edit:
    (originally the files are "cs_skr9" with g_cmesh and cmesh, i tryed to rename them with smesh and g_smesh. same with the peg files..)

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  2. Just a theory but probably the mesh files will have name like those of GOTR weapons which are cutscene models or are part of shop interior.
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  3. The model of this skr-9 is from the cutscene from a mission about ultor corporation, i tryed to replace "SMESH" with "CMESH" in the files "Items_3d.xbtl" and "Items_inventory.xbtl" but, it doesnt appear. im not sure how i can change the model that the player uses. but i'll keep trying to test it

    What i did there, was just rename the files with the skr-9 that the player uses.
    If you want to find the original files, they are named like this
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  4. Maybe late but try these:
  5. Well, the files shows that the model for the cutscene is definitive the cmesh file, somehow is curious this on the file "CS_SKR9_cha.xbtl"

    Im not sure if is going to work, but i'll try to test it once i'm in home
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  6. Happy to help just let me know if it works.
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  7. Well, somehow it didnt show up, so i went back with the same thing, replacement. But if somehow there is a way to fix the way to hold the weapon, and of course, the way to make it a gun, since the model is just an object for a cutscene. If there is any program to use it, maybe i can find out but for now, is very complicated (The weapons texture kinda had an issue that turns black)
    Captura de pantalla (45).png Captura de pantalla (47).png
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