Custom Notoriety Battles

Do not use Flying Cars. Enemies
will not spawn.
Garbage Truck is OK to use.

Night Of The Nephilim
Level 2 fight 3 Arch Dukes
+ Level 2 Summon Spires spawn and help
+ Level 3 More Arch Dukes and also Titans spawn and help
+ Level 5 a chance of 3 Arch Dukes spawning and Titans Spawn again
Dawn of the DEX
No Grenadiers, Legionnaires, tanks & demon grunts
+ Multiple Dex copies
+ Purple stuff animals and one human NPC
+ Dex's arrive in the Comet (halberd)
More Soon!

Night Of the Nephilim.png

TIP: Aura Cold Fire power and Uriels Edge (Flame Sword)


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