Cruise control

This mod will allow you to use Cruise Control.
Put .xtbl file into the Saints Row IV directory and run the game.
Go to options>controls>set keys & buttons and press F1 to restore default settings.
Press Ctrl while driving.

I also remade "Lowered Cruise Control HUD" for SRIV.
This mod will not work correctly with other interface mods that use vint_doc_containers.asm_pc (mission replay, wardrobe color changer, customize all vehicles etc) unless you first update the asm file.


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Please review the mod release rules sticky. Specifically your release needs to be archived and include a readme with install instructions.
Nice one. Thanks!

edit: hmm didn't work for me. Car slows down like normal when you press ctrl.

edit 2: did get it working finally. Not sure why, maybe it just is touchy sometimes but if I hit ctrl a bunch it will start eventually.
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Nice find, made a quick fix for people using the 360 game pad, as it was not assigned to down on the dpad either. Welcome to incorporate it in with your release for convenience, thanks for the keen eye and good work.
Edit: Ok, so I originally mapped it to up on the dpad, but then when I tested it, the UI shows it as down on the dpad, this overlaps with down on the dpad saving the vehicle to garage. Up on the dpad has no conflicts, but is contrary to the current interface without further editing.


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Nice, I missed Cruise Control while driving a car. :)
Also, can somebody make a mod to lower Cruise Control HUD, like it was in SR2 and SR3? It's quite annoying it's in the middle of the screen.