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  1. THE MOD:
    This mod makes the taxi diversion in Saints Row 2 more
    likely to spawn "fast" passengers, less likely to spawn
    "slow" passengers and "robbers", changes "bankrobbers" to
    Saints Gangsters and increases their reward while decreasing
    their chances to spawn, removes the cap on how many times
    "bankrobbers" and "robbers" can spawn, increases the amount
    of time rewarded for getting rid of robbers, increases the
    reward gained from successfully delivering a passenger to
    their destination, features a tweaked taxi inspired by
    how vehicles handle in the game Crazy Taxi with changes made
    to the taxi diversion to accommodate for its increased speed
    and mass, and many more slight tweaks.
    20200629133026_1.jpg 20200629133033_1.jpg
    Challenge for other modders:
    Originally I was going to have an encrypted file with a
    faster and heavier version of the taxi as a sort of
    unlockable for anyone who completed the first ten stages of
    the taxi diversion, but as of now it doesn't work and I'm
    ready to move on to other ventures, however if anyone wants to
    try and figure out why it doesn't work properly I'd very much
    appreciate it. You could even release it as your own mod.
    Just make sure you notify me about it because I would love
    to see it working properly. The idea of this car was that
    it'd be much faster than any default car and preferably
    twice as heavy. If lowering the values I have set for speed,
    RPM, and mass must be tweaked, I'd like them to remain as
    high as reasonably possible. The file for this is located in the
    folder "Attempts at making a super car".

    Special Thanks to Hitmaker and SEGA for making the original Crazy Taxi game.

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