Crashing on Burning down the house

Discussion in 'Get Help/Troubleshooting' started by XrazgarX, Aug 23, 2017.

  1. Ok I have ran this mission at least 10 times already and every time I take out the last techy at the end of the mission I crash to desktop before the cut scene pops up. I am using GotR aswell I had a similar issue with the heli assault mission that was earlier in the mission strand but I found a work around patch here for that mission. I found a fix but this "fix" didn't seem to work which was just to not "die" I didn't think this fix would work however. This is getting very annoying to run the same mission over and over for this to happen. oh and yes I have the Steam version of the game and my Steam name is the same as my login name here on this forum.
  2. Hi. Have you found the solution? I'm also having this problem, I've tried many times but nothing is working right. I have GOTR with no mods and I've deleted patch.dat. Pls help
  3. I've had this problem before too - it's basically random whether you'll pass or not.
    But to help it along, try and get to an area far from the fire, and don't stay near the car when it explodes. Particle effects and stuff like explosions tend to make the game crash on mission end.
  4. I've tried competing this mission 10 times now it will crash before the final cutscene everytime. Its game breaking for meas I can't progress through the story now.
  5. For all people in this topic, please try my Mission Skip mod.
  6. Can I just use the lua scripts that gets rid of the fire in burning down the house without the main mod as I still want to complete the missions the normal way.
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