Crashing at startup of Saints Save Christmas

Discussion in 'Patch Suggestions and Bug Reports' started by TonyTitan, Dec 11, 2013.

  1. I don't really know what else to say, I start my Saints Row 4 game, pop up displays that I own the "Saints Save Christmas" DLC, I click on the quest in my journal, return to the Ship (Or simply go to the map marker in the ship since I am already on it) screen fades to black and then crash to desktop.

    I've rebooted my PC and Steam...neither helped. I did experience some glitches during the purchasing of the DLC from Steam, but my purchase did go through and I have a receipt with confirmation numbers, etc. Also, I'd imagine that within that 1.1 GB update that was released today, the this particular DLC was already included within it. Once I completed my purchase for this DLC, nothing more downloaded, but as I mentioned, once I started my game, just like previous DLC's I've purchased, it showed that I owned it.

    What do I need to do in order to get this to work? Download the DLC again? I don't even know how to do just that since I can't find anything in Steam that lists DLC names specifically. Plus I did verify my cache, and though 7 files were reacquired, 6 were foreign language ReadMe's and the 7th I'm not certain. I think it just updated the Saints Row launcher.

    So any help is greatly appreciated. :)

    I do have a dump file that is created when I crash too. I'll post it as well.

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  2. Do you have any mods installed?
  3. Well I sure as heck do. Some of them out of date, even. Know of a good way to flush out my mods without uninstalling the game entirely, deleting what is left, then reinstalling?
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  4. [V] IdolNinja

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    The easiest way to remove all mods is to delete all loose files in the game root (but keep the subfolders!) Then verify integrity of game cache. It should only need to redownload ~100Mb of data.
  5. Yes, about 3 different ones. Guess I'll do as IdolNinja recommends...dump my loose files and verify my cache files again. Thankfully mods are not that difficult to add back into the game...even merging now for me isn't that big of a deal. :)
  6. Fixed...It was Shitface's NPC Behavior and Spawn mod causing the crash apparently. Uninstalled it and everything worked like it was supposed to.
  7. Currently my NPC mod does not work with the DLC2 missions, you'll need to uninstall it before playing through them and suffering through a plethora of other bugs.
  8. It was your post in your topic for your mod that I figured I'd try just uninstalling your mod before doing a total uninstall of all mods that I have. Big kudos to you too for providing the uninstaller for your mod.

    So I'll save Santa, (as the Boss says) then install your mod again to continue on in my game. A brief inconvenience, but certainly nothing earth shattering. :)
  9. i have this problem too but i don't own the steam version bcuz of some problems in my country... so how do i uninstall the mods?
  10. I have the same problem, but I dont use any of the mods that conflict with the dlc. help.
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