Crashing after main menu/ auto scrolling

I have no idea what I could've done but for some reason when I load my Saints Row 2 on Steam it loads up like normal with the volition intro but when it gets to the loading part it autos at 90%, then I load to the title screen with my scroller going up and down the options with no control over it. As soon as I confirm an option the game freezes then closes out. I've verified the files multiple times and re-installed with no success. All my computer stuff is corrected and even tried various mods to help. I could really use the help because this is my favorite game and I've barley been able to play since I got it.
yes ive checked multiple times if I did have a controller hooked up. Ive even tried different mouses and keyboards with no luck. SR2 is the only game this happens to. I’ve had this problem for months searching to see if there’s a way to fix.