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Coop partner crashes when I change clothes the second time, makes Ben 's Loyalty mission impossible

Discussion in 'Patch Suggestions and Bug Reports' started by orig4mi, Aug 25, 2017.

  1. So, me and my brother are marathoning the entire series again and we both got Saints Row IV: Game of the Century Edition on Steam.

    The problem is the following - every time I change my clothes, everything is fine, but when I do it again, it crashes the game for him (not for me).
    That's kind of awfully specific and we can't tell what the problem is.

    We had the "Things to do in Dominatrix - Family Friendly Edition" mod installed, but then we noticed crashes and problems with it regarding the added colors and the saved outfits. We resolved that problem on our own by deleting every outfit and discarding all of our clothes and redownloading the game before playing coop again. We didn't know that it wasn't coop friendly until then.
    Just mentioning it, in case it helps.

    Right now, we have no mods or workshop mods installed or subbed. It wouldn't be that much of a problem, just don't change clothes then! But unfortunately, the character always changes to the space suit when getting back on the ship, which seems to count as well and the second time/the time my character changes back, his game crashes - again, it only occurs if my character does it, not if he does it.
    Also, I don't actually have to change my clothes at all for him to crash, only entering the change menu, exiting it, opening it again and exiting it with no changes crashes for him.

    Okay, so no changing clothes and no ship for me - reconnecting if the story puts me on the ship. We came pretty far with that, but now Ben King's Loyalty mission (the one with Tanya) changes the clothes of my character every time I absorb the virus from one of Tanya's girls - the first time is fine, the second time, it crashes again, as expected, making the mission unwinnable in Coop.

    We actually found a solution to this problem - starting over. When I used a new character, it doesn't crash, but before I give up my almost 70% save file, I'd rather find out what is the cause and continue where I left off.

    Here is a crash dump from my brother's PC:

    What causes the crash?
    Is there some kind of tool or save editor to fix it?

    Here is what we have tried:

    -Reinstalling the game (Clean reinstall, with no traces left except the save files)
    -Verifying game cache on steam
    -ticking on/off NVIDIA's Threaded Optimization option with the control panel
    -Setting the graphics all the way down and playing on Window Mode
    -Discarding all the clothing in case there was a clothes problem

    We always tested the crash by just letting me change clothes.

    What do?
    My coop partner started his save file with a explicit genitals mod (me as well) and we forgot about it completely. We discovered that it only crashes when one of us plays as female, so we figured it must be that.
    Genitals and breasts mod installed - NO MORE CRASHES, FINALLY!
    Sadly, we have to deal with our saves only being playable with that mod from now on, I guess, but at least we can move on and play!