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Community alive?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Huxley, Jul 1, 2017.

  1. Are the people making mods yet? Is this game community alive? I was looking in the steam workshop but there is not a lot mods.
  2. Most people have put their mods here as they were made before the workshop was concieved, the workshop is mainly used for mods that couldn't be made before. also, the game has been out for a long time now and not a lot of people here are playing it anymore (let alone still modding it). the workshop has unfortunately been unsuccessful in its goal of having more modders and more mods (it seems), probably because it was too late and nobody outside of (the people that regularly use) this site would've known about it.o_O
  3. Not just that there isn't a Straight Forward Tutorial or Tools (Require CMD.exe) and Modding SR4 requires Maya 2014 (Cost $330) and doesn't have Blender Support...so yeah

    EDIT Modders have better Guides than most other places
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  4. Admixon

    Admixon Modding patch tester

    You can get Maya for free (LEGAL).
    I use Blender to create models and Maya to port them to the game. It's not a big problem.
  5. I have Maya 2015 Student Version (Sorry for the Confusion) and I don't know if that is causing Problems with exporting cause I'm not using Maya 2014.

    So How did you get it into Blender, cause I export as OBJ I lose Heirarchy, Bones, Materials, etc and if I use FBX I lose scaling or I don't get anything/I get errors...I think.
    There is something about how FBX holds bones, heirarchy, materials, etc, but Blender can't use ASCII FBX...and I've tried exporting on Binary FBX...which still makes the mesh come out partial.

    I have all Plugins & Programs installed.
    So wait you make the Models in Blender...How did you get the Boss Character in Blender...did you start from Stretch...I just want to combine a few things here & there.

    OMG Your the person I asked about the Glowing on the Bunny Costume...is that Emission Material or did you have to somehow program the Glow in.
  6. this should continue on a different thread i think.
  7. I did, everywhere Adimixon went I used the opportunity to further my study on Blender to Maya...Now I can recommend Blender & Make a Maya to Blender Tutorial...so how is this all relative to this thread...because the more easier it is to mod > more people will mod.
  8. By
    By that logic everything on this site bar off topic is relevant to this thread