Co-op crashing constantly?

hi, so me and a friend (actually two but the other one fucked off because the crashes were so bad) are trying to play the co-op mode and unlike saints row the third (or even TWO?) the pc co-op is a busted up piece of shit

constant crashing, bugs and the fact looking at my player funny kills their game is so weird

is it wokrshop items? i'm not playing the re-elected version. why did they cut lan play? (i'm also not using epic for saints row. i don't care.)

edit: i just remembered i think i've narrowed ONE of the crashes down to the fact that whenever i exit a store the other dude crashes. does it have something to do with the fact that the steam deck does cutscenes at 30 for some reason whereas i've always known them to play at choppy ass 22fps?


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