Clone Clothing or Weapon Help (Easy CMD Input)

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  1. A .BAT Tool & Info that makes using flow754's & Minimaul's Cloning Tool which requires the use of CMD easier by avoiding to have to retype the Filepath and Detail Instructions as you go along.
    Click above, on Usernames for Pages on Tools

    Working Mod Rules
    Hairstyles, DLC, certain Suits can be modded

    Certain Names are in dlc1.vpp_pc to dlc6.vpp_pc

    = Miss Mischief [C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Saints Row IV\packfiles\pc\cache\ > dlc1.vpp > Use Minimual's ExtractPackGUI > dlc1_us.le_strings > Use Minimual's ExtractStrings]​

    Non-Working Mod Rules
    Anything with a SPACE and no UNDER_SCORE
    = Bahamut suit, spider earrings, bra 1, etc​
    Based on this Caution with Female Suits
    = [Femme Bot] cm_lp35h_suit_f_fbot
    = cf_suit_collegecoed​
    Certain Weapon Costumes
    = Maybe cause of Dashes: baseball_bat-4-bone​

    Files & Tools to Download > Unzip Files to a folder
    - (For finding Clothing Names)
    - Minimaul's Tools rev121 (For Clothing Cloning & finding Weapon Names)
    - flow754's Tool rev02 (For Weapon Cloning)
    - Notepad++ (It shows & opens the xtbl file better, but its optional for finding Item Names)
    Alternatives to Finding the Item Name
    1. Xtbl Editor
    = Though I don't recommend cause it can change names without you wanting t
    2. Online Saints Row Searcher
    = Recommend for anything, but certain names like Femme Bot aren't findable
    3. Saints Row 4 Wikia
    = Only for Weapons & Vehicle Names...not much on Clothing
    4. Saints Row 4 Video on All Outfits & Suits

    This link has information on what to do with Files (Use ExtractPackfileGUI for .str2_pc for Mesh & Texture)

    - Make a .INI or .BAT which allows a List of Source Names and New Names to be processed at once so Users can make a number of "Variants" or Skins in less time

    - For each Slot a Rich Text Document for each Vanilla Clothing and include .XTBL Names from Name Log for easy physical look up & find
    = The In-game Name
    = .XTBL File Location
    = .XTBL & .VPP_PC Archive Location
    = An Image with Male & Female Clothing
    = Images of Weapons & Skins with .XTBL Location or in an Overall Location List
    - Add Tutorial using Images in this Thread post

    - Make a Feature/List so Users can find Bad and/or Alternative Names
    1. To read the .XTBL file
    2. Go through all the names (After <Customization_Item><Name> or Make a file to Clean the XTBL of everything after <DisplayName></Display> then search)
    3. Continue through Errors, Labeling the Good by a rev# and Bad with revError
    4. Produce a Log of Good and Bad Names
    5. Integrate Bad Names into .BAT Tool so the Tool tells people what names are no longer usuable
    6. When the Tools are updated, have the .BAT Tool take down which Name worked with which version
    - Make a Maya's FBX to Blender Tutorial & a SR4 ccmesh to Blender OBJ

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  2. Minimaul

    Minimaul Site owner Staff Member

    Please link to the thread for my tools, not to a particular file.
  3. I did, the link is in your Username...I was going to indicate that (Sorry for Subtleness), but I figured with your Recommended Program it didn't matter at the time of it working.
    EDITED: I changed it to what you requested, I realize if the Thread moves then the dies and no one has a clue what to look for

    I'm going to test the .BAT tool on newer rev, but seeing as you said the New ones failed Cloning and the recommended is failing, I think there might be something within your Programs or Files that react to the OS like a Registry being blocked cause its like your program "expired".

    I'm so sorry for my Grammar & lack of Proofreading on this post also if you think I've linked to the CustomizationItemClone.exe I haven't, just the Recommended rev.
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