Classic Characters in Campaign & Free-Roam

Discussion in 'Mod Requests' started by FREELANCER 212, Jul 10, 2019.

  1. I would like to have seen more of the classic characters in the Campaign and Free-Roam. Just to make it feel more like classic Saints Row. Here's my idea for character replacements.

    Asha Odekar - Lin
    Matt Miller - Donnie
    Kieth David - Julius Little
    Julius Little - Mr Sunshine
    Ben King - SR1 Ben King
    Cyrus Temple - Dane Vogel

    Terrorists - Masako
    Mr X's Masako - Westside Rollerz (Blue Ronin)
    Mr X - William Sharp
    Zin - Zombie Gat
    Wardens - Johnny Tag
    Zinyak - Prof. Genki

    Gang Customization:
    Saints - Aisha, Viola, SR1 Playa, SR2 Playa, Zombie Gat
    Biker - Ronin
    Cop - Westside Rollerz
    Gimp - Brotherhood
    Guardsmen - Masako
    Ninja - William Sharp
    Punk - Sons Of Samedi
    Space Saints - Vice Kings

    District Enemy Spawns:
    Stanfield - Sons Of Samedi
    Carver Island - Vice Kings
    Downtown - Ronin
    New Colvin - Brotherhood

    Sierra Point - Masako
    1950's Steelport - Westside Rollerz

    It's just a shame the Campaign audio lines can't be changed too.

    (As an add-on, I'd prefer it if all Homies had their superpowers removed in Free-Roam... Not a fan of superpowers)
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